Women Day: Fallacies Apart

motherBehind the clap hype of audience on the oratory of speakers at national and international level, women’s rights are moaning out of the agony of unsaid. Suppressing the voice and even sound of women is the matter of routine even in this age of human rights, media and technology. Speaking on the rights of ladies on the rostrums in meetings and seminars held by foreign aid sounds excellent apart from the callous facts. They have done wonders for the betterment of ladies. Fallacies! The true and real representative of women is wounded on one ground or the other, whining facts unfurl the secret from the windows of humanity.

She must have dreamt of a happy and prosperous life when she got married and her mother would have taken a deep sigh of relief on sending her to a home that was too big for her daughter. Everything looked fantastic but after marriages the dragon of realities rushed to her and she devoured her kids to escape from the dragon.  Yousaf, the son of 8 months and Minahil, the daughter of 2 years……she killed both. History of motherhood encountered the most atrocious moments when a mother was suffocating the little Yousaf and drowning her angel Minahil. No words!

‘‘Kids had been hungry since three days, what was the option with me except killing them? I couldn’t see them crying out of hunger’’, she murmurs and then her hysteria cries out to echo back to the walls of jails. What was the father of these kids doing when they were starving in a posh area of Lahore? Where were the other house members when they, the little souls were crying since three days and nights? Who were the monsters living in the neighborhood who did not listen to the voices of terrible hunger?

Clap on the bright and insightful speeches turns into unending grumble. Women rights set off to the forest of barbarism and seats of the auditoriums whisper human rights to the walls.

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