Truck Art in Pakistan is a beautiful Transport Tradition

If you haven’t seen a truck full of floral decorations, pictures of tigers, eagles and other species, you haven’t seen anything. A truck in Pakistan is the true interpretation of our transport culture. A truck owner or driver narrates his heart through the calligraphy, poetic verses, and indirect messages to the beloved ones. They can say anything to the beloved in their own style. Thus, their grief becomes style and they feel proud of their truck art. Building blocks of a truck are decorated from all sides. Decorating material includes:

  • Paintings of animals, eagles, peacocks, and other animals according to the taste of the driver. These animals and birds have their own connotations and interpretations in our culture. Eagle does not fall on the ground after exhausting, lion is the emblem of bravery, and peacock is the sign of beauty and happiness.
  • Poetic verses from the local poets which are generally sad and based on departure and cruelty of the beloved
  • Mirrors reflecting with sunlight and night lights on roads
  • Colorful floral patterns in combination with customized colors
  • Messages on the front plate on backside bottom to be visible to those who are following the truck on road
  • Bells on the front and back bottom as frills to ring when truck moves
  • Picture of Ayub Khan saying, ‘teri yad ai teray janay k bad’……Ayub Khan seems to be pro-trucks. You won’t find any other military man on the backdoor of a truck. No other general or civilian premier got the popularity among truck drivers. Mostly these trucks come from KPK.
  • Religious quotations
  • Each part is decorated differently and customized according the choice of the truck driver. This art is unique and distinct from any other region of the world. That is why; the people from US and other European countries admire the beauty and elegant work on our trucks. Taste makes all the difference.
  • A truck driver pays heavy amount on the decor of his truck. An estimated cost is usually $3,000 to $5,000 to get his truck customized, as he desires.

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