Love is even in the Air and You cannot Deny it

blue pikO yes, love is the core of the life seeing from the angle of emotions and feelings. It is everywhere from particle to the globe, from roads to the skies and air, and from the individual to the universe . You cannot deny it. No matter what the calculations and digits speak of, the value of “I love you” is always higher than anything on earth. All summations, say, fall into the sea of love. And this is the real beauty of life. Whether you accept it or not, every race in the world ends up on the pursuit of love. It stops the pulses of time, makes the wars win, makes the lovers stand out among the crowd, makes the governments topple and thrones the kings on a rock. Even the deadliest wars of the world are seen mourning over the “Farewell to Arms”, the arms of not only of war but of love too.

Life is nothing but a continuum of problems, sufferings, and fathomless issues faced by everyone who is born with flesh and soul. The price of breaths is really high for everyone who is bound to live with heavy burdens of livelihood and agonies. But, you know, the spark of love illuminates the dark and makes silver linings through the dark clouds. Nights turn into days and days turn to more shining and brighter when someone whispers into your ears, “I love you”. The velvet mite of love beautifies even the deserts and arid lands of life and you feel the symphony of love in the air and live in the perfect home even far away from home.


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