What the Words Said

DSCN1406 (Medium)The world has never been without words ever since man said his first word or sound. Even the sounds and noises are the made up of words listened from near. There are as many words as there are breaths of human beings, countless! International languages, national languages, provincial, regional, zonal, small area languages and even further trickle down of these languages. Counting is impossible. Power is enormous. Number of words in dictionaries is just the tip of the iceberg. The real sea flows behind it, all around it. Dialects of languages is yet another breakdown of languages, a world into another world. Life into another life. Who will dare counting these words then? Interestingly enough, any speaker of any one language is unable to count the words he knows of that particular language. Power of the words is seen in accords, pacts, agreements, and treaties among nations. Wars break out or are stopped with it. No one can deny.

Tones and voice of a word is another window. Words said in a harsh and rough tone have different implication than those of uttered in a soft and humane tune. Written same in the dictionaries worldwide, they have different connotations. Context, tone, and volume decide the dimension of the word said in two opposite contexts. Like and dislike is nothing but words. Word is the main gate of every world.

Words are a window to every domain of life. Without them we cannot decode anything. Every domain has to depend on them to interpret it to the readers. People are but words, good or bad.

From the first breath to the last, there are words, said or listened. So it would not be wrong to say that life is with words and it ceases when cycle of life ends. From the babbling of a baby to the shivering sigh of an old man, words make and break the worlds. Power of words said or even unsaid!

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