Do not Market Yourself, Make Yourself Worthy of it

Do Not Market YourselfI have seen a number of people who are terribly sick with self-praise and fond to hear only those songs that sing of them. They need permanent praisers to make them feel great on what they have done and even what they have not done. I simply call them sick who are doomed to praise themselves. These poor souls are perhaps sure of the fact that no one else would praise them as they do not deserve any praise. By the way, this marketing fever is life time for these sick souls. They incubate themselves to be prominent and popular in their life. In lime light. Hegemony! Self marketing.

Graveyards are full of such people who thought that the world is nothing without them. Their yes or no will be the ultimate authority. Their self-made superiority complex makes them indulged in thinking high of themselves. They like to run after their popularity and finally disappear in the dust of time. Time follows and remembers only those who are worth it. People, who make wonders without checking whether someone is noticing them or not, get the eternal grace. They focus on their work, not the publicity. Publicity is the weapon of the weak. Their craze for self marketing takes them nowhere. Crux of the message!

One suggestion for such people suffering from self-marketing: try to do something extra-ordinary in your own domain. Be exceptional to be remembered. Real fame is the acceptance of work. So focus on your work and leave the rest on time. Time is the biggest judge. Don’t run after fame; let the fame run after you. All who are remembered in their lives and after their death, are those who did not keep them into lime light; they burnt midnight oil to do wonders. Adison didn’t market himself anywhere, Jinnah didn’t ask anyone to make his video while working, Nelson Mendela didn’t call any movie makers to publicise his sacrifices for the nation. They didn’t neet it. So let the time take its decision of what you have done. Road of life is not plain sailing. Do your business with heart and soul and leave the rest on time. Self promotion is nothing but killing your own self.

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