“Nainan Day Akhay Laggay” on FM 95 Radio

Nainan Day Akhay LaggayWell, Nainan day akhay laggay sung by Nurat Fateh Ali Khan was the turning point. Despite being born in a Punjabi family, I had never thought of Punjabi as a language as the spoken is always roughest form of any language. Natives of any language can damage their native connotations to any extent. Same is the case with Punjabi. Anyway it was a hectic evening of September 2008 when I came back from my MBA classes and got myself sheltered in fM radio channels. Headphones in my ears, I stopped by FM 95 Punjabi channel. After meals, my eyes got heavy with sleep and I did not know when I went to sleep with the headphones still in my ears.

Suddenly something wake me up. It was a song in Punjabi. Oh I was sleeping. But now woke up with a jerk. ”Nee Sayyo Asaan’ Naina Day Akhay Laggay” was the alarm in my ears. It was a song beautifully sung by Nusrat fateh Ali Khan and written by Shah Hussain. Title song of ”Naina Day Akhay Laggay” was on air. The best composition ever made by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. It was voiced by Khaqan Haidar Ghazi, the Director of FM 95. Punjabi first time embraced me. Words hit my heart as they had never before. Music of the song made me sit and listen to what was on air. My sleep had gone with the wind and I was all ears now. Oh so Punjabi was a language with enormous feels, writ from the hearts, spoken by the legends, and voiced by the devoted souls, I felt ashamed of my previous thoughts about Punjabi that it was merely a language of abuses, LOLS. By the ways abuses of tons of weight are available in Punjabi. If you are Punjabi, you may know it very well. Shah Hussain me back to Punjabi.

Voice of Khaqan Haidar Ghazi was on air, ”Gannay di ik pori….Sahwan’ day wich khori…..(I forgot the third misra as I went asleep for a while) Chaanan ho gya chori………..”. The moment when Punjabi raided. When I felt Punjabi in my heart. When I came across me, in other words. Bullhay Shah, Shah Hussain, and other giants appeared in my window and Punjabi occupied me that day. Thanks to “Naina Day Akhay Laggay”. Joining the facebook group named Nainan day akhay laggay brings me back to those moment when a radio play woke me and my Punjabi up. 

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