Hegemony: Eaters and the Eaten

hegemony (Medium)Hegemony is the upper hand of a dominant class over the small classes. It can be defined as the monopoly of one power on others. Going back to its history, we can conclude that hegemony is not coercive but is by consent too. People want to be the followers or believers of power whether it is religious, political, social or economic. They just surrender to the governing class and leave themselves on the mercy of it. Simply the small fish eaten up by the big fish! Hegemony is generally of three big types though it is present at every home and office. Political, economic, and social are the generic types around the globe. According to dictionary, derived from the Greek language, the word hegemony has been present in every age in the following domains:


Agreements, pacts, and accords are the forms of political hegemony. Nuclear pacts like CTBT, PTBT, and NPT are such examples where political influence hinders the nations from keeping hazardous nuclear weapons but the hegemony plays here very well. The big fish of the world eat or at least try to eat the small ones. Proliferation goes on where the “Bigs” want. Hegemony!

The two World Wars paved the way to the League of Nations and later United Nations aimed at peace making in the world. Through terms and conditions, these bodies brought peace and harmony among nations by making nations sign accords of ceasefire, veneration of their boundaries, and implementation of UN resolutions on disputes on international level. But the implementation of these resolutions is on the verge of hegemony, the political leadership. Irony!


Since times immemorial, man has been influencing his fellow beings with his power of wealth. Same superiority complex prevails even today. Financially strong nations, communities and individuals can purchase everything including human rights. Human rights around the world are not equal. Hegemony! IMF, World Bank, and ADB are the fine examples of power to quote here. Terms and conditions accepted by the poor and developing nations are the real price of being poor. Yes, hegemony, the dominance!


Social hegemony changes its shapes and forms according to continents, regions, and zones of the world. Stratification on the basis of religions, economic status, political associations, sects, power groups, and other affiliations are the examples of hegemony. Minorities in a country may suffer from hegemony by the majority. Every society in the world is chained into visible and invisible constraints of hegemony. Small fish are the need and want of the big fish perhaps. Everywhere! In any form!!

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