Salma Khan from UMT is no more

I generally open my Facebook account after breakfast but today it was very late when I opened it in afternoon but the first post by my teacher shocked me. It was the news on the death of Salma Khan, a lecturer of Literature in (SSH) School of Social Sciences and Humanities  at University of Management & Technology (UMT), Lahore. A road accident brought the message of her death when she was coming to UMT. May her soul rest in peace forever! Since I was from Business School, I had no direct contact or interaction with her but she was often found in IPC lab with her students of English Literature. Salma Khan, one of the most dynamic personalities of UMT, the most active member of staff lost her last breath on the way of knowledge. 2013 dawned with the saddest demise for the family.

So the game of life is over Salma Khan! This was all. Life is nothing but a beginning of death, a preamble of death. One who is born, has to leave, sooner or later. Breaths are the signs of life; one after another. Sequential of breaths is called life. One breath, then the other and finally the countdown ends up. The fixed number of breaths is up and life shifts to the lap of eternity, for ever, never to come back. The people who will have nurtured grudges against you, who will have said bad words in your absence, who will have plotted conspiracies against you will now be praising you. This is the life. Yes, all negative comments on you, bad opinions about you will be buried now. All what you gave to your students, what you contributed to the alma mater, will be a memorable episode, Your students will remember you and of course, some people like me will also remember you just because they like good people.

My eyes can see you moving in the left corner of IPC lab along with your students and getting their issues resolved. Even today in 2015, I can see you smiling in white dress. But I will surely miss you on my next visit to the university. May your soul rest in peace! May Allah bless you with His countless blessings and mercy and rank you in the high position of Jannah!!


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