PTV Drama hit by the Raid of Private Channels

PTV drama used to be the brand name when people would postpone their outgoing to watch it. I remember the blockbuster dramas given by PTV that stopped the traffic on the roads. Be on serious issues of society or lighter notes, PTV made its mark. Even its dramas were copied or stolen by the other countries’s TV channels. Direction, production, and acting of the team used to be fantastic. Each and every word of the dialogues was planned, pondered over, and fitting into the scene presented.

Some memories I have in my stock are “Tanhaian”, “Dhoop Kinaray”, “Aaghosh”, “Badban”, “Waris”, Khoya hua Admi”, “Dehleez”, “Angan Taidha”, “Ajaiab Khana” and many more Pakistani dramas to mention. They were simply well-directed, well produced, and of course, well written. The words matched with the impressions of actors, theme fitted into the scene presented. A poor house was seen with torn curtains and a perfect picture of the home depicted. Pakistan Television made its mark.

PTV drama addressed every class of audience and people from all classes loved it. But storm of the private channels snatched the serene environment of PTV drama. Fast wind of glamorous dramas on private channels dragged a big number of viewers and PTV was left alone with its cool and calm environment. Youngsters fell an easy prey to this onslaught and got addicted to the glamour, tabooed scenes, unethical emotions, Urdu in English accent, and bold themes. Gone are the days when people used to correct their Urdu on PTV news and dramas but now the poor Urdu is at stake. Now Urdu with errors is in vogue! Entertainment has changed its meanings and every private channel has embraced the recent wave to increase its rating. This is what we have today on the name of amusement.



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