Fort Derawar Bahawalpur is Beauty from the Past

Door of the fort is open. Heat of the sand of Derawar is lowering down. Sun is setting in the lap of west. Birds are lined up to their nests. Travelers are in a hurry to reach their destination. Slow sauntering camels are heard from a distance. Harmony and music by their knells is adding up the serene silence of the desert. Footprints of one camel are toppled by the other following him are brushed off with a wave of air and sand and it looks unperturbed as before. Whooping voice of the evening wind is airing the aerial messages of the flutes by a shepherd boy who is gathering his goats up to drive them home. Home, which is made up of reeds with. The historian is standing on a sand mound and witnessing the passing of time through the desert of Bahawalpur. Past is looking back and talking to the historian standing on the threshold of Fort Derawar, Bahawalpur (Pakistan).

Fort Derawar Bahawalpur is one of those remnants of the past which have not been properly attended by the concerned authorities. Reminding of the Abbasis, the Fort entails a long history when Abbasis captured it from Jaisalmir in 1735AD. But they lost it in 1747 during the tenure of Nawab bahawal Khan. The Fort was regained in 1804 at the hands of Nawab Mubarak Khan.

40 meters high circumference speaks of hi-fi defense ploys of the Nawab. Red bricks of finest quality supplement the grandeur of the fort. Underground cells on the western side tell of the bygone ages. Ravages of time have taken their toll. Ancient tales from Cholistan claim that there used to be a treasure of gold buried under this Fort. Here, the Prince Devraj came to know the secret of converting metal into gold, the story said.

Premiers and heirs of the Abbasis are buried near the Fort. On the same footing of Moti Moque in Delhi, an excellent mosque was built with domes and marble by Nawab Bahawal Khan in 1849. History looks back here. Some historians are of the opinion that some of the companions of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) are buried in the vicinity of Fort Derawar. Graves of Abbasi ladies are in the corner. While the tombs and graves of the family members near the Fort Derawar Bahawalpur are of:

Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan (2nd)
Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan (2nd)
Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan (3rd)
Nawab Fateh Muhammad Khan
Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan (4th)
Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan (4th)
Nawab Muhammad Bahawal khan (5th)
Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan (5th)
Sahibzada Abdullah
Rahim Yar Khan

Fort Derawar Bahawalpur is said to be pre-historic place as according to the historians, it dates back to even before Harappa civilization. Alexander the great is said to be crossing the great Hakra River near Derawar. Clues of dry Delta in the southeast of Fort talk of the passage of River Hakra which once changed its course.

Abbasis of Fort Derawar Bahawalpur selected it as their capital perhaps due to its arid beauty. Arid beauty that is beyond words. They must be true lovers of nature. Cool breeze in the morning, scorching sun at noon when every creature shelters itself, serene and silent starry nights when moon reigns over the heavenly empire, ballad singers along with the camel caravans traveling at night,


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