Book is Waiting for its Readers

Tsunami of technology and especially information technology has dragged the caravan of human interests and hobbies to the world online. So the reader heading to the libraries in the afternoons has shifted to an ebook on a digital planet. People who used to get the books issued for their weekends are seen playing Candy Crush limiting them to their arm chairs. Human colony has changed its name from book readers to viewers. Fast wind of time has picked the youngsters up from their heritage to the digital world where they have been addicted to the new wave. Libraries are desolate and readers are lost in their mobile games, chats, and other online activities. Book is waiting for its readers who are lost their way. But hold on, the vacuum is not too deep. They are not too far.

There are still some people who are fighting against the online tsunami of the present tense. They are buying and reading books even today. Reader is always alive where the words are there to represent heart and soul. And words are everywhere, in every language, in every corner of the world. Book Fair of Punjab University, Lahore proved that book lovers are not extinct. They are alive and ready to read books even in the digital storm of the day. They want to spend their best time among books. And the chain goes on in 2015. If book is waiting for its readers, they look back to say yes.

It was interesting that more than 45,000 books were sold on the first day. It was an amazing number even for the administrators of the book fair. Such an enormous response from book readers is certainly the victory of the book. Words are important even today. Intellect is not a tale of the past. Reading travels from generation to generation. Conducting such a remarkable Book Fair by Punjab University, Lahore is really appreciable. Bravo! Book is waiting for its readers. More book exhibitions are needed.

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