Jay Rides the Most Expensive Car in Hollywood  

Are you interested to know about the celebrity who is fond of keeping the most expensive   cars? The most expensive car in Hollywood. Definitely, you will. It’s normal. All of us want to get the news of the belongings of celebrities especially from the Hollywood. How they talk, how they walk, what they dine, and what they drive…..all becomes a brand.  Brand with the personality or personality with a brand….. Decision is up to you.

Well, we are talking about the most expensive car of the world. Celebrities all over the world are fond of possessing precious things in their valets, garages, and homes. But the Hollywood is the hub of fashion, style, and wealth. Here, the showbiz icons brand themselves with unique and exclusively different accessories. in 2015, Rapper Jay Z is one of such big names of the world of style who prides himself with the most expensive car of the Hollywood. Guess, which one? Ferrari? No. He comes to the highway in his Maybach Excelero and his fans and other audience make him the talk of the town. His attractive personality, classy appearance, and on top of that, his exceptionally great car…..All make him a hot news.  After all, style does matter!


$8,000,000 car of Rapper Jay Z is the most expensive in the Hollywood. And this is no surprise.  He is one of the wealthiest man of the world as his name is present in the annual Forbes’ list. Why shouldn’t he keep such a grand vehicle then? Rapper’s pride can be seen when he drives his Exelero playing his own music video of ‘Lost One’. Speed of the car is amazingly fast; it runs at 218mph in spite of its heavy weight of 2.66 tons. Such a speed with such a weight is itself big news. Isn’t it? Another fascinating and new feature is that it is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60mph. In the beginning, it was made on exclusive basis in 2005 but now, it is open to public.The most expensive car in Hollywood  is now open to all.

Who wants to be another Rapper Jay Z? Not on facebook, in real!


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