Role of Trolley in Populating Cities of Pakistan

DSCN2013 (Medium)Driving on any road of your city or village, you will have come across a trolley creeping ahead of your vehicle. You try to make your way through your horns but the much higher volume of the vehicle ahead is dumb to hear any voice or sound. Well, generally, there are no mirrors of the trolley to notice the ‘poor people’ coming behind. Therefore, excessive horning and any other new method of overtaking it just goes in vain. So, you are on the mercy of the driver, in other words. Yes, it’s annoying indeed especially when you are in a hurry to reach your destination. Nuisance knows no limits at such moments, we agree. In small cities and villages, the scene is even more annoying. Roads are not that wide there and chase of a trolley can prolong even over miles. Crossing becomes a challenge for cars, bikes, buses, street cars, and other vehicles.

But there is another angle to look at the matter. Trolley has played a wonderful role in populating cities and towns all over Pakistan. Looking two or three decades back, cities were not as they are looking now. They were either jungle or barren lands having no sign of life. Now, they are alive and enriched with all facilities of life. Trolley has transported bricks, sand, and other construction material to inhabit the cities and towns. Thus, a large part of the credit goes to trolley that has helped the people in populating these cities, towns, and villages. In fact the biggest mode to transit even in 2015. Just a world populated by trolley.

As one of the major loading transportation mode, trolley is active even today. Along with bricks, cement, and other construction material, it is transporting human beings to their destinations. In villages, the landowners use it to pick and drop the female cotton pickers at home before and after their job in the morning and evening. So it can safely be said that the role of trolley can never be denied in Pakistan. What are your comments?


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