Have a look at Elemental RP1 2014, the Lightest Sports Car

RP1 elemental (Medium)So the lightest sports car is now on the scene. Though the repeated attempts have been made to make this vehicle but the new RP1 is really breaking news of 2015. Elemental RP1 2014 is the first sports car that has been designed to suit track and road-driving with an equal ease and comfort.  The masterminds behind the car say that will be fit also for occasional road vehicle use.


Made in Britain, Elemental RP1 2014 weighs only 450kg. Elemental claims it to be the lightest sports car while Ariel and Caterham also share the claim with a fighting debate.  It is built around carbon fibre tub.  It bears spacious place to put the luggage. Also it has practical turning circle and excellent heating system. Also fit for 6ft 6in tall drivers, it is convenient to be seated behind the wheel.

Carbon fibre tub is the most important part of Elemental RP1 2014. It has been combined with aluminium. It has video cameras installed to facilitate the drivers to keep a record of their hot laps at track days. Its telemetry keeps all the progressed monitored in that duration.

Extended features of RElemental RP1 2014 sports car are for the new generation of the day. It must be as fantastic as the generation itself is. Agree? Sports car industry of UK has felt the pulse of the new age. Experts and working brains behind this car are hopeful of getting it as they dream of it. John Begley, technical director, said: ‘‘the road and track cars available outside of the professional arena have never lived up my expectations: I knew I could do better so the logical result of this was to design and build my own.’’

Lightest sports car, when reached in the market, will be a wonderful contribution from the British industry as a speed car too. Further improvements will take it to the height of excellence in the days to come. The age of competition and cutting edge, you know.

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