Written Messages and Descriptions on Transport Modes in Pakistan

Slowly following the flow of traffic on any road opens new ways of entertainment for those who want to laugh. Rickshaws, mini vans, local buses, trucks, and other vehicles bring multiple messages and written descriptions. These messages are intended to convey the thoughts of the owner or drivers but in reality, they are a window to our collective mentality on roads in Pakistan. Hardly any rickshaw is seen without these descriptions. ‘mehnat ker, hasad na ker’, maan ki dua, jannat ki hawa’. ‘Naik nigahon ko slam’, ‘jalnay walay ka munh kala’, ‘sirf tum’, ‘ye sub meri maan ki dua ka nateeja hai’ ‘teray pear main’, ‘toon lungh ja, sadi khair ay’ and other poetic narrations expressing the heart of the driver. Travel on our roads is never boring. Transport network is a fun too. And the repute of these messages crosses even international boundaries. Written messages and descriptions on transport modes in Pakistan say alot if you have an ear.

Written messages and descriptions on transport modes in Pakistan are of enternatining nature. Write-ups on our rickshaws are funny in general but they have a purpose sometimes. For example, you will find advertisement of any new beauty salon with concession to the customers. Herbal treatment for baldness is another everyday mobile commercial on rickshaws. A newly opened school is also advertised on the back of rickshaws. Pamphlets on religious gatherings and seminars are another message spread through them. Hatred against government policies and any particular country is also quoted on them. Multiples services are advertised by on road medium.

Written messages and descriptions on transport modes in Pakistan sing of the inner condition of drivers’ hearts. Truck drivers are found to be gloomy most of the time. The poetry they express through their descriptions is tragic from their side but funny from those who read them on roads. by the way, the neiboring state India also amuses the public with such adverts.

Trolley says, ‘pass ker ya brdashat kr’. Generally, the later is the only option. Unlimited decibels of noise, no effect of horns by the vehicles coming behind, consistent refusal to give way and the message written on the back wall…….‘pass ker ya brdashat kr’. What can the others do? Have you ever ‘passed’ by trolley with the same slogan? How does it sound to you? Written messages and descriptions on transport modes in Pakistan serve many purposes at one time.

Written messages and descriptions on transport modes in Pakistan are representative too. These descriptions show the mentality and conscious of an area where these vehicles are made and designed. They are a direct link to our psychology as a nation. A truck, rickshaw, or trolley from a specific area describes the culture and collective psychology of the people. A vehicle in KPK will be different from a vehicle designed in Punjab. Write-ups of a vehicle in Sindh will be different from Balochistan’s vehicles. Thus, the aggregate of all individual cultures contributes to the national mainstream on highways through our transportation.

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