Our Driving Temperament on Roads

DSCN2095 (Medium)Any nation can be judged through its make up on the roads. Seeing the traffic of developed nations, it can safely be said that they have learnt to travel. But if we look at our travel patterns on any road, we can easily conclude that we have yet to learn a lot. Some observations and experiences on our roads are enough to show our driving temperament when we are on the way:

People generally do not allow other vehicles to overtake despite excessive horning. They believe that the road is exclusively theirs especially when the road is not that wide to overtake. Our driving temperament on roads has a big question mark.

Overtaking from wrong side is yet another bad habit of our drivers. Hegemony! Generally, the rule is followed only where the eye of camera is observing all the traffic. Yes, we are a coercive nation perhaps. Use of force is a must for us.

Over speeding and racing are dangerous attitudes on our highways. Especially public transporters are in habit of competing one another. As result, accidents are reported in everyday newspapers. Playing with the lives of people is called competition in their opinion. Our driving temperament on roads just apologized.

Excessive horning is one of the main reasons of noise pollution. Having no effective law allows the drivers to blare their horns even in populous areas and they go on horning to overtake others or as warning.

At home, we boast of breaking traffic rules and share it with our friends as pride. Changing the lanes, making zigzags, one wheeling on our national independence day, de-silencing our motor bikes and shouting in chorus are few of these brags. What to say about our driving temperament on roads?

Our driving temperament on roads mirrors our language too. Lingual issues are another major problem in our society. Drivers and conductors are in habit of using abusive language to the transporters and other people. Except a few high-brand transport options, all the rest are found with this lingual misuse. Their mutual contact while crossing often results in bad words. Tolerance and decency are not their priority while driving. Whatever may be the reason, such language is a nuisance for those who travel through these transport medium.



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