The Poor Gents

DSCN2022 (Medium)Today I am thinking on different tones of opinions all around me. Being female and surrounded by female company around, I come across ladies’ opinions about men. And most often these opinions are against men. Reasons are many. We are a male-dominated society with the least pragmatic role from the opposite pole. Ladies are comparatively less or even not educated. Therefore, problem-solving approach of the both is different or even sometimes opposite to each other. Females participation in society is not recognized and valued. So the game,generally, goes one-sided and a blunt opinion appears in front of us that is against gents. But I am seeing it from a different angle though ladies around may disagree.

Men are not only bound to feed and clothe their families but they have to absorb pressures at work and home at the same time. Work pressure is inevitable essential but the discomfort at homes leaves them mentally upset and if prolonged, mentally ill. Females have been gifted with expressing their opinions or griefs but men are generally not in habit of sharing their inner core. Sharing can fuel the environment and hiding it eats them up from within. Tyranny!

Men are crowned with their higher rank but they are suppressed in reality. Their kingdom is understood and recognized by the subjects but the real power is not in their hands. Democracy takes its heavy toll and they can not say Yes to even a small amendment in the home constitution. Irony!!


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