Syaadat, the First Literary Magazine of UMT

my poetry (Medium)The news of publishing the first literary magazine of UMT was one of the biggest happy news of the year which was especially hailed by those who got ‘martyred’ on the way of its publishing. Yes I am referring to myself. I remember all painstaking (with my team) which we underwent in collecting, editing, and finalizing all material from all three schools, School of Business and Economics (SBE), School of Science & Technology (SST), School of Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) that time. But the perception (and even news) of ‘someone’ who was simply not ‘willing’ to publish it was terribly amazing and finally that great being (let me call him a monster) won and we, the students lost our case and cause of the first literary magazine of UMT. So the salutes to the team under Mirza Ilyas who threw the first stone into dead stagnant waters and we got the happy news I mentioned above.

Very first wonder I came across was the Urdu version of my article on ‘How to Blog?’ Mirza Ilyas translated it in Urdu in a surprisingly good diction. At least I could not imagine its translation in Urdu but he did it. The other major point I regretted was that there was no photographs of mine though my name was there in the editorial board. I had done all that merely for my photo that was missing, lols. The reason they gave was they did not include any photo of the students. Another shocking thing was my two poems were published without my name, anonymous. I’ll request the concerned UMT authorities to get them with my name if they get more copies of the magazine published. (Rohtas article was not mine while it has been published with my name; I apologize to the ‘real’ writer of these lines).

DSCN1188Only Urdu part of the magazine has been published while half face (in English) is yet to publish in the coming months. Logic of separating one magazine into two parts is beyond my understanding at least. A standard literary magazine of any educational organization is the blend of the both languages.

Contributions of students and staff are great especially and being the first effort, it must be appreciated as the magazines are one of the determinants of educational organizational brand. They carry the message of the organization to the direct as well as indirect customers in future. Also they are a source of bringing literary talents on the stage and provide incentives to the new writers and poets. Academics especially in semester system leave the students tired and drained; such activities and forums are essential to ventilate their emotions, talents, and guts. Hope the management will keep up the tradition alive and make sure that it is published as per scheduled.


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