Trash the Differences for Love

Reading a post written by John Elia on Facebook opened some windows to the past and even present tense that has so far not been able to break some shackles of ‘infiltrated versions’ of religion. The post said, ‘‘only people are not with sects (Shia, Sunni, Wahabi, Deobandi, etc.), but the mosques too are stamped as the titles above on their foreheads. It drives me to think what the origin of all these branches of one tree will be. Definitely the origin is well-known and surprisingly agreed upon. But the branches of differences sprout of this tree and become so powerful sometime that they start undermining the roots or their foundation.

Sharing basic tenets, living together in a society, intermarrying each and one another, participating in social, religious or other festivals together, sitting in offices as teams, serving in the armed forces as one nation and standing on frontiers to defend the homeland……up till here we are one nation. From where do the differences start then? Who injects the hatred into veins of society? Who infiltrates in our lines to dismantle us? Why do we not unveil that disgusting face? Are we so much feeble from within to recognize it? Invaded elements are not that strong to push us to the hell of hatred. When we love one another, who are these elements to spread hate among us? Trash their hatred and be a part of national stream, stream of love.



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