Prisoners of the Present Tense

Human being……made up of flesh and blood! Billions of humans born so far and vanished into the den of forgetfulness! Another billion existing on the table of present tense! Have you ever seen or noticed the everyday thoughts, activities, and actions of anybody around you or even yourself? Did you ever try to put yourself behind or ahead of time? In the books written about or by you? Have you ever anticipated yourself standing on the threshold of say two decades later from now? I do not know you but I am pretty sure about one thing that every Napoleon or Hitler has fixed himself on the very foundation of today ignoring the upshot of what they are doing in their life. Book of the present day that entails acts of revenge, avenges, selfishness, occupying lands, usurping rights, injustices, murders, silencing voices………..Today overrules everything else. Who has seen tomorrow? Prisoners of their own breaths! Prisoners of life

‘Today’ is not free; it is imprisoned with show off, ‘what will other people think of it?’, profits, and other calculations a mind does sitting in the arm-chair of current scenario while books on the past and future tense stay out of all windows. Who will share and lighten the agonies of tomorrow? Who will know the real face of life leaving the fancy and fantasy of the day behind? Who dares out to cross the boundaries of time and ontological being? Who will share the burden of burdens of tomorrow? Who outsources others’ eyes to look at things beyond? Who bothers the happenings in the book of tomorrow? Every evening, present tense goes to the lap of past and the layers of the past embrace the moment of the present to make it sleep. A writer thinks all these questions. Another day dawns and the story goes on………


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